Saturday, November 8, 2014

Transorming Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Transforming Bruce Wayne/Batman

My Bruce is in really bad condition as you can see, but just bear with me on this one. I've had him for 18-20 years now like most of this line, and toys degenerate over time. Luckily I got some better pictures of the armored figure last night from one I'm selling.

At some point, Kenner decided to make transforming figures have a pop-up pop-down head held by a spring. The head would disappear into the body and one would place the armor over over it. Other Batman figures have this, but I must say I prefer the regular mask or helmet over face better like in BTAS Bruce and Batman Returns. Anyways, this Bruce has Val Kilmer's look...sort of. I like to think that this is how Val Kilmer looks today rather than 20 years ago...

I really enjoy this battle armor though! It's fragile, though. The Bat symbol rubs off easily, the clips on the battle swords break easily and the cheast plate breaks midline...or at least it did in mine.

See? Then again for a 18 year old figure that has been in tons of battles he's held up pretty sprightly...anyways moving on.

What I like about this figure is the options of having normal arm snap or armor or those huge battle blades that can be stored in the back and used as wings. That's a whole lot of playability in this figure!

Ready for battle!

While a lot of the line's figures tone and look is sort of techno-organic, this figure retains the techno aspect of it. This suit is very robotic and heavy in nature, but then again most of the pre-sonar suit figures carry this look rather than the sexy animal look that came afterwards. I highly recommend this figure, but as we all know I am a sucker for armored figures or figures with snap-on armor. Who wants to go to the BONUS ROUND?


  1. Found this one down here in Mexico. Just the Kilmer part though.

    1. Oh that's too bad. I found mine on the 'bay,