Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Riddler & Two-Face

The Riddler & Two-Face

Just Two-Face and The Riddler? Why not "Scourge of Gotham City" or something more clever? Anyways, finally we get another screen accurate Riddler, and Two-Face is a repaint of the single pack figure.

This wacky represents the gravest threat Gotham has ever least up to this point. They are very nice figures, to be honest. Two-Face comes with a nail gun like in the movie and Riddler comes with his trademark staff.

I highly recommend these two as well as Guardians of Gotham City if you must have Batman Forever figures. They are hard to find, however, so good luck tracking them down.


That's it for figures in Batman Forever! A Movie Collection repaint of both this Riddler and Guardians Batman exists, but it's hard to track down and missing in my collection. Next up we will be looking at the AWESOME vehicles this line had to offer, as well as this line's crowning achievement: The Batcave.

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