Saturday, November 29, 2014

Laser Cape Batman

Laser cape Batman

Another WTF figure, except this one is pretty interesting. It's got a cool sculpt and some cool accessories.

The figure's cape can be posed in a variety of different ways and comes with a mounted missile launcher.

I am a sucker for poseable capes, and this figure just exudes so much heat! He's gonna melt Freeze's place right away. Figure can also hold the weapon, which is made of gold plastic. You know what this means, so beware.

I think this is a fantastic sculpt. The colors are nice, even if it's just two of them.

All in all this is a pretty cool figure. Now by the time wave 2 rolled around, most figures included a Batman ring:

The picture didn't really work out. They don't even fit on my pinky finger and I have small hands. I have like 10 of those and I just use them as portable heaters like the ones Batman used in the movie.

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