Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skyboard Robin

Skyboard Robin

Sorry for the slight absence, it has been a hell of a work week in addition to my birthday on Monday. I got a bunch of cool Dark Victory figures and a NECA '66 Batman that is soon to go up on sale. But anyways. Skyboard Robin is the most accurate Batman Forever Robin of all, even more so than the Guardians of Gotham two pack. It's also one of my favorite figures from the line.

His golden skyboard fires a missile and has an adjustable control panel. I suppose this is a sort of boat or...?

I think the skyboard is kind of lame to be honest. I mean I love vehicles that come with figures, but this is THE Robin. I wish he came with more Robin-y accessories.

Another lame thing is that he comes with a lame black cape instead of the right cape like this:

Much better. Anyways, sorry for the short review. This is the 100th review! Yaaay! I will look more at this figure later when I review the Guardians of Gotham City duo.

Noble! But stupid.

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