Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heat Scan Batman

Heat Scan Batman

The most bootlegged Batman figure ever, this figure LOOKS like a Bootleg, therefore why he was so easy to copy. Back in '97 even I had a hard time distinguishing them apart, and I was a SPECIALIST in bootleg toy hating. This line also has this 2 color figure trend, which is sort of lame in my opinion. The colors are bright, but simplistic.

This line has a blade and cutting weapon motif to fight Mr. Freeze's cold rays and Ivy's vines. The giant laser sticks The weapon is nice though and is head mounted. It also rotates up and down. The lasers also rotate and stuff.

The shiny rubber cape is removable, but do yourself a favor and leave it on because putting it back is a pain.

The mold itself is very nice, and it was repainted and reused several times later on. Common and never expensive, if I were you, I'd repaint this figure dark silver and then you'll have The Batman you want.

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