Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guardians of Gotham City

Guardians of Gotham City>

This awesome two pack comes with "authentic costumes and weapons". Weapons yes. Still an awesome pack.

Let's just get this straight: As I said before, Night Glider Batman and Skyboard Robin are the accurate ones. These two not so much. Robin is a complete departure from the movie's Robin, and Batman's spike gauntlets should be flat and fin like. Another thing I don't like this lot is the plastic capes. The weapons are cool though. Robin's got that volt gun that Batman uses at the beginning of the movie to zap the thugs, and Batman comes with a Batarang. Another thing I don't like is the posed figures. Had they been in a more neutral pose it would have been fine.

Still it's a very cool two pack and while this is as good as it gets, it serves its purpose well.


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