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NECA 18 inch 1/4th scale Adam West 1966 Batman

NECA 18 inch 1/4th scale Adam West 1966 Batman

Today I have a treat for you. Usually I don't collect these sorts of action figures, but I happened to come across one that was basically new and complete in a very lucky lot. I will NEVER review anything like this again unless I get a guest reviewer. In fact this wonderful figure is for sale so ask me about it. I'll post the ebay link in the end.

When people use the word troglodyte to describe me, it is quite an accurate word. It means hermit, ignorant or old fashioned. While I am not ignorant, I am indeed old fashioned. If you've been following my reviews, the trend is that I like older stuff. The reason why I bought this figure is because it came in a huge fantastic lot of Batman figures from every era. It had Kenner figures, Greg Capullo figures, Dark Victory and Long Halloween figures, etc. Half of that lot is on sale, including this figure, but that's because he just doesn't fit. I have nowhere to put this. And it makes me make a sad face.

This figure's detail is unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. Only recently did I accept the fact that they were making figures like these. He is also an amazing 18 inches tall. That's 1/4th an adult human. The cape is soft and silky, and he looks a lot like Adam West under that cowl. It's very nicely painted and very well crafted. He is also super articulated and comes with several tools and features.

This figure will remind you constantly that crime doesn't pay and to eat an apple a day to keep the doctors away. I mean he is truth and justice in action figure form.

The cape is attached by a clip chain around the figure's neck and is very shiny and silky. It doesn't get on the way and it flows as Batman's cape did in the old show.

Come at me, you poor deluded fool!

He comes with all those hands, a communicator, a Batarang, folding Batarang holster and more!

He's an expert boxer.

He's also a lover of peace.

He can also pull off some snazzy moves!

Stand down, you foul General Grievous!

The communicator has two pop up antennae and is nicely detailed.

This belt compartment hold a folding Batarang. The compartment can slide on the figure's belt. The extra belt pouch doesn't do anything, but it can be attached on the figure's belt as well.

This rope can be tied to the Batarang for some criminal rodeo!

Actually that's the communicator on the figure's belt.

This figure is huge, holy cow.

You'd be foolish to pass up on this figure, which is why you can buy it here:

This figure is one of the best figures I've ever seen. But it's not for kids. I'm a kid at heart, so this doesn't really fit in in my collection...then again it doesn't FIT at all. But it's a beautiful figure, shame I've got to let it go. The '66 show is as campy as it gets, and we will now be looking at some more camp with the most hated Batman movie of all: Batman & Robin!

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