Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hover Attack Batman

Hover Attack Batman

Um...first entry is already a disappointment. Why? Because the most accurate figure in the line doesn't have a freaking cape. He just comes with a lame hoverboard that can't even hold the blades properly. Heck, he can't even hold the blades properly. Don't get me wrong, this is a nice sculpt, but HE NEEDS A CAPE. The other "most accurate" figure is Heat Scan Batman, but this figure is actually closer to the real deal. The Clooney face is spot on, though.

That's not a cape, by the way. It's a backpack.

I guess...that's the cape? Oh yeah, the hoverboard can clip on to his feet.

The figure is nice, but the accessories are dumb in my opinion, and he REALLY NEEDS A CAPE. That's probably my worst issue with this figure.

The hoverboard features a friction push missile, which I hate. Almost all the figures in this line have those sorts of missiles. I HATE those missiles. Anyways, a weak first entry into the line, most of the first wave of figures is weak in my opinion. Later waves are better, trust me.

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