Monday, November 3, 2014

Triple Strike Robin

Triple Strike Robin

This figure is a repaint of the Dick Grayson Transforming figure with a new weapon. It's different from most robins in this line in that it' All other Robins have red, yellows and greens.

This figure received a hideous repaint in Batman & Robin which we shall look at later. Anyways, the gimmick is those rubber projectiles. Pull them from the gun, which by the way rotates around the figure's wrist, let go and they fire. This figure was made in 1995 so the rubber has degenerated and for some reason he can't hold the weapon quite as well. When we review the repaint we shall do a better assessment as these problems have been corrected. Unlike Transforming Dick (lame), this figure's mask doesn't change color. Sorry! Oh and he doesn't come with any armor, which says a lot about Transforming Dick whose clothes are to Robin. More on that later.

I can't make this up. It's almost like someone is feeding this material to me through these figures and how awkward they really are. Triple Strike Robin is a lazy figure with a terrible weapon. A lame repaint, so to speak. It was so lame it was repainted AGAIN, but again, more on that later. Now we celebrate the 100th post! Right on my Birthday! Hooray!

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