Thursday, November 13, 2014



"By sea? Or by air?"

"Why not both?"

Wow. The Batwing. I acquired this in the last three years and I am beyond pleased with it. While my favorite Batwing is the Turbojet Batwing, this is a close second. The detail on this elegant yet simple machine is astounding. It IS cheaper than it looks, though. It's no big deal. But it's mostly screen accurate...MOSTLY.

The back of the wings need to have larger circle centers and bigger fins, but it would have resulted in a really big and heavy toy. This is what it needs to look like:

The wings fold down to become a sort of boat, or skiff. I don't really know. They can also be separated to simulate damage, or rather they come apart from the body for storage reasons. I think it's a cool little feature. The BTAS Batplane doesn't do anything cool with the wings and the Turbojet Batwing's wings just become a huge glider. This competes with the Batskiboat!...useless but cute.

This Batwing is full of surprises, however...

The entire center body and cockpit are an escape pod! Because you never know when Riddler might just randomly shoot beams of green mind garbage at your Batwing.

It also fires this interesting looking missile from the tip of its nose.

"We may be experiencing some TURBULENCE!"

A beautiful Kenner days Batman vehicle, this one I highly recommend. It's as good as it gets, it's a fun plane to play with, it's just an amazing vehicle. It could have been better, but it's a step above the Batboat. When I get the Triple Action Vehicle Set I will revisit this. The paint is very nice, simple, and the wings are very simple to be honest. It's heavier than the Turbojet Batwing and the BTAS Batplane, but not as heavy as the Batman Beyond Batmobile. That ought to give you an estimate. Highly recommended.

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