Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Target Exclusive The Riddler

Target Exclusive The Riddler

BONUS ROUND! Instead of black, this figure sports silver, and it's pretty nice looking. Kind of ridiculous. I was too lazy to take pictures of it individually so I took 'em next to his predecessor. Enjoy the pretty pictures.

Who was the main bad guy in Batman Forever anyways? Was it Riddler? Two Face? Bruce's memories? I think the answer is quite clear, as he is the first and only bad guy to figure out Batman's secret, and the fact that Robin dreams of being "bare naked with a gurl" *gasp*. Target exclusives seemed to have a preference over silver and green. What's up with that anyways? Next up: MORE RIDDLER! But this time the cleverest carbon based life form REALLY takes things into his own hands...in his pajamas.

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