Saturday, November 15, 2014



First off, let me show you how my Batcave normally looks as of last month:

I have several other Batcaves and one Wayne Manor Playset. There have been like 6 different Wayne Manor/Batcave playsets, but unfortunately I only have the BTAS one, which will be reviewed later next month. Batman Forever however gave us a real Batcave, and the biggest Batman toy of all time.

This toy is ridiculous. Not a lot of people have the space to have this in full display. I'm lucky to have the space and luckier still to have this. It's made up of three platforms that are hollow, connected by two stairwells linking and keeping the platforms together. This Batcave is artistically very Batman Forever, in comparison to the Toy Biz '89 Batcave that looks just like it did in the movie Batman. But first things first, ey?

The Batsignal is on! Hurry! This tube leads from the bottom of the big platform into the computer room. While it is only designed for one figure and has a pair of pegs on the bottom...

Two figures will fit though rather...snug.

In order to have the trick work, a Batman figure must be placed on the top part of the tube. Spinning the bottom half will let the other side of the tube open up, revealing...

Batman and Robin!!!! Now to check the Batcomputer.

I apologize for the dust...anyways, Batman can sit on his office chair and look at the cheesy stickers of Riddler and Two-Face on the many monitor screens while enjoying a cold vichyssoise.

The Gothic style arches aren't just for ornament. They can hang the Batwing on the back! The top hosts a cable that can be connected to the second platform's arch.

This allows a figure to hang on to the wrist clip and slide down to the turret.

The turret is attached to a rotating platform and can be handled by figures. The turret fires a Gladiator Batman style missile. Now let's skip into the Batmobile Platform!

The Batmobile Platform has a rotating platform that can be raised and rotated manually via a thumbdial, but the feature doesn't work all that well. I recommend lifting it and spinning it so that the Batmobile can take off. On one side there's a raised platform with pegs for figures to stand on, and on the other there's a controls panel that can be lowered.

Oh no! The Riddler discovered the Batcave and blew up the Batmobile! Now he's headed to the computer room!

Riddler: JOYGASM!

That's where the middle platform comes in. While I use it to store the Batpod, or as a weapons/training platform, this is actually a trap room.


Those spikes are actually a giant mechanical venus flytrap machine that sinks when a villain is pushed through, closing its jaws around it and spinning so he won't be able to get out!

This platform also houses a holding cell/torture chamber where a villain figure can be held tightly by the clips and thrown away forever. Looks like The Riddler's questioning days are over.

Thanks for coming by!

This is an awesome playset. There's nothing better. It's full of play features, but the selling point for me was its size, but this is likely to be a huge turn-off for collectors. It's an excellent base to display your figures on, so that's another plus side to it.

That's it for Batman Forever. Stay tuned as we have around 400 more figures to review! Next up I'm going to review a very special figure in order to segway into camp: Batman & Robin is next!


  1. That was a great read man! I had NO IDEA that the batwing could hang on those arches, needless to say, i have hung mine up and it now looks even better! The only thing i need are the stickers. Any idea on where i might be able to score some?

    1. I am glad you liked the review. I have no idea where one can find an extra sticker sheet. You should ask Matt from Legions of Gotham or the good people at Batman Yesterday, Today and Beyond...except I think the latter may be defunct. There are no good Batman figure sites anymore, which is depressing. Facebook is the answer! But as far as I know there aren't any reprolabels of these. You and I both know how much decals for Kenner era Batman toys are needed!