Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Riddler

The Riddler

The quirky conundrum! The green quagmire! The cleverest carbon based life form! Played by Jim Carrey, it was the most memorable thing about Batman Forever. Does the figure carry it over?

A very interesting yet odd figure, he's got a computer attached to him and comes with a mysterious brain drain backpack...but more on that later.

I'm not too happy with this sculpt, to be honest. Unlike Two-Face who looks just like he did in the movie, I would have preferred it if the Riddler was dressed in the outfit he wore when he first met Two-Face. But that's ok because they made other Riddler variants with more accurate costumes.

So what exactly does he want to do with that brain drain helmet anyways?

Get into Bruce's mind! Now, one part Riddler, another part Mad Hatter, Batman Forever's Riddler incorporates more aspects about Mad Hatter's technology than it does Riddler. While both are techno freaks, Riddler is about the traps and the puzzles, while Hatter is about getting into people's minds...same with Hugo Strange...and Scarecrow to a degree. I was never happy with how the character was portrayed. I guess they were trying to go after Frank Gorshin, but they totally missed the mark. They went over the top, and they just couldn't tell!

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