Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rooftop Pursuit Batman

Rooftop Pursuit Batman

This Deluxe figure is clad in a suit? Rocket? I don't know what that mammoth is, but it's cool looking, I suppose.

This is a huge backpack! But I don't know where the rockets are. It's also super heavy and won't stand well, which means that when you put him on a shelf you have to stand him against something, which is annoying. Worst part is, the backpack got repainted twice, but more on that later.

Pulling the ship's tail backwards causes the wings to move apart, allowing the figure to come out. The visor is removable. I like all the different moving parts. The top of the vehicle features a spring loaded missile.

The figure is an unique mold featuring an interesting, detailed space-age armor. He's also unusual because he has open palm hands. Very cool. I like the colors as well


This is a cool, unusual and unique figure. It's main drawback is that the vehicle is bigger than the figure, so it won't stand up. You have to get it to lean against something. Luckily I corrected that problem by adding a bunch of batmen in front of him so he won't fall either backwards or front. So get creative! I love the colors, too. I also like that it departs from that whole vs. ice and fire theme most figures in this line have. One of the best figures in the line.

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