Saturday, November 8, 2014

Target Exclusive Bruce Wayne Batman

Target Exclusive Bruce Wayne Batman

This, along with Tide Racer Robin and Riddler make up for the three Target exclusives. Featuring shinier repaints, these figures are nicer and somewhat harder to find...although that's not true for Tide Racer Robin or Riddler, but it is absolutely true for this figure.

I'll do a bit of a compare and contrast in a bit, but I have to say that this Batman is actually a redhead! Like me! When was Batman ever a redhead?

While I like the former version a lot, I prefer this version better! I love its shiny green armor. I think it looks good.

Again he can wear the blades on the back, but this is somewhat harder to do on mine...weird. The green plastic on the blades and elsewhere is INCREDIBLY FRAGILE so be careful!

Green with envy you say?

Color differences on Bruce are few except for the red hair which is very odd.

The original Bruce/Batman figure here is my own so as you can see his battle armor is worn and one of the pegs in the back is broken. Also, Target's Batman doesn't have painted eyes. Is this an issue with me? Either way it makes this Batman look REALLY DEAD. Creepy!

Both are awesome figures, a great yet fragile mold. If you're a sucker for snap-on armor figures then this is for you! Next we shall be looking at the scum of Gotham: The terrible duo! I mean...trio!

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