Monday, November 3, 2014

Martial Arts Robin

Martial Arts Robin

The spiritual predecessor to Knight Force Ninjas, I have very little to say about this figure. It is important because kicking features evolved from this concept, but it is this figure's curse as he cannot stand up unless supported by a wall or another figure.

That's actually me saying "no, Robin did NOT get his sh!t together". This dude stumbles around more than an alcoholic. I'm glad Dick went through some Martial Arts training, but that was supposed to help him FIND HIS BALANCE, NOT LOSE IT.

It's a nice sculpt, though. Lots of weapons, nice colors and SHOULDER BALL JOINTS AND ELBOWS! That's something new for this line. I know we've reviewed figures with ball jointed elbows, knee and shoulder joints before, but back in 1995 this was unknown in a Batman figure. We can say that while Robin DID NOT GET HIS ACT TOGETHER, he was a pioneer in paving the way for more articulated figures! But for the time this Deluxe figure was a bit too ambitious for what it turned out to be. I'm not saying it's bad, but a figure that cannot stand properly is...difficult. At least he's not Night Flight Batman who likes to flip off EVERYTHING on the shelf...

Does Karate Kid Robin get his s#!t together next time? Hopefully. But let's not judge it harshly. 5 pictures only! It's really hard to picture when he just won't stand up! Then again let me make a comment about my rocky background. The ground is uneven. It's a miracle all of these figures have been able to sort of stand up on uneven ground. Resilient? Yes. Amazing? Always. This Robin may not have been able to stand up here...or anywhere, but he is a pioneer as he was the first truly super articulated Batman family action figure ever. Never Mind Toy Biz' Batman '89 with his knee joints. Naw. This has 10 POA. Not many figures in 1995 had 10 POA. Impressive figure, all odds considered. Highly recommended.

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