Friday, November 28, 2014

Ambush Attack Batman

Ambush Attack Batman

A very unique figure from Series two, this Batman is GREEN! It's lime green and gold, which is an awkward and odd combination. It's a very interesting figure as you shall see and one of the best in the line also.

This figure has an extremely detailed sculpt. Its most obvious feature is its waist mounted cape/wings, which attach to a hinge on his lower waist.

The wings can swing forward in order to fire those two capture claw friction missiles! They are surprisingly easy to fire, too!

Batman cna also use those claws as melee weapons!

The weapons are also detachable and can be placed on the figure's hand. Now here's something I haven't noticed before. Most figures have holes that are good places for pegs so they can all be customizable. Sadly I will not be showing examples, so it's up to you to decide how you want your figure to look.

The one drawback this figure has is that he's posed in a way where he's all chest forward, so he needs to stand up with his legs rotated slightly back, otherwise he'll tip over to the front when the cape's attack mode is activated. Surprisingly, this problem is not as bad as you'd suspect.

To be completely fair, this line does have some cool Batman figures. If anything I'm just disappointed with the FIRST figure, the Hover Attack Batman or whatever. These figures are colorful, fun and they got better in wave two. They are also strange, and it just gets stranger from here. Maybe I just like strange variants.

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