Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rotorblade Batman

Rotorblade Batman

The rarest figure on the line is also the last figure on the line. It is also the worst one. Terrible paint, unnecessary and useless weapons and an awkward pose really makes one see why there weren't so many of them produced. I will try not to give it a bad review, because I am actually selling one MIB here:

Right away you can tell this figure's terrible sin: He cannot lower his left arm when the cape/backpack is on! How the hell am I supposed to work with that? Everything about this figure seems rushed, almost to the point where it feels like a bootleg. The paint is awkward, the weapons are rough around the edges... It feels like an almost unreleased figure. Still a good figure to have around in one of Poison Ivy's vine jungles...

The dagger gauntlet that is stored on the back can be placed on the figure's right arm. It features a rotating giant ninja star. The hatchet on the figure's left arm is also removable and can be held by the right arm. The cape is sharp yet useless.

Don't get me wrong, the figure has a nice sculpt and it's a nice idea, it's just WE HAVE SEEN SO MUCH BETTER...I feel like the tubes on the left arm need to be cut. I tend to pose him with his left arm rotated all the way up. That bit of the sculpt is completely unnecessary and a bad designer choice. Again I am selling a MIB one so let's pretend this is a beautiful figure. For $25 w/ free shipping I'll make about $17 off of it. It's the cheapest one on ebay, and here's the link again: Hopefully you're a completist like me. I'm open to trades, too!

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