Monday, December 1, 2014

Thermal Shield Batman

Thermal Shield Batman

One of the final new Batman molds, this is a very cool figure, featuring a transforming heat shield. If anything, it's a rehash of Piranha Blade Batman, which will be reviewed later. Still a cool, colorful figure.

This is one of the nicer sculpts in the line, very detailed. The disc weapon can be pegged on top of the helmet.

This is what cape mode looks like, when the shield is open. Kind of cool.

This figure came out in the tail end of the line, along with Battle Board Batman. After that it's all repaints.

This figure is rather hard to find, nothing less than $25. So good luck! I got mine for $8 in a MIB lot with other MIB figures about 6 years ago. They also have that annoying ring part.

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