Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aerial Combat Batman

Aerial Combat Batman

This is not a figure. It's a vehicle. Also, the figure inside does not come out. I probably shouldn't even post this, but it does classify as a vehicle/figure so I guess I might as well.

So this is a fun little toy, an addition so to speak. Later on when Mattel took over, these types of "figures" took over and ended up being shelfwarmers all over. I really prefer vehicles with working cockpits, but whatever. It's clad in a nice purple, and the figure inside is very detailed. The main gimmick is its foam torpedoes that are fired via air pump like a nerf gun.

As you can see, the pump is removable and the cockpit has an opening underneath, which is unrealistic as Batman could get really hurt by the missile being fired if it were a real missile hehehe...

The pump removal allows the vehicle to be more stylized and swooshable. The cockpit has a door which slides when the fin is pushed forward for stealth attacks. The wings can also fold down for presumably lightspeed flight...who knows. It's a cool little feature that modern figure/vehicle mashups don't have.

Each set came with two foam missiles. I cheated and used Robin's for this review! But granted, foam missiles are exactly the same on both Batman and Robin.

A nice addition, and a precursor of things to come.

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