Wednesday, December 24, 2014



This is the only line thus so far that has provided us with Henchmen...Ok fine, Movie Masters from the TDK line gave us Joker henchmen...and then there's Bob from Toy Biz 1989, but I never counted him as a henchman, but as Joker's number one..."guyyyyy!"...Anyways, this is a very fun, customizable figure unlike anything we had seen before. In fact, he's so unique, I've never seen anything like this in figure form ever. I almost want to buy more of these and build an army, but he's become his own villain.

The transparent armor can be used in many MANY several different ways:

Opening up the armor doors slightly turns the armor into a backwards sled. The sled is also a launcher where the hockey stick missiles fire from.

The bits of armor can also separate. The oddly placed pins fit into grooves placed throughout the figure. Oddly enough, this feature is NOT explained in the instructions as far as I can remember, so you have to figure it out yourself! And it looks extremely cool! This is by far my favorite mode! Clipping the chest plate onto one of the arm pieces of armor makes the launcher actually usable!

Removing the armor reveals the most detailed figure out of the entire line. He's got more paint apps on his form than any other figure despite the dull-ish colors, and the sculpt isn't just cool. It's AMAZING. This is a dude who's dying of cold but yet looks scary as hell and is always ready to play dirty. Definitely a hockey player! I wouldn't cross this guy... Hockey Team from hell indeed.

I highly recommend this figure. I know it's uncommon, but not rare. Find this figure today! I know I'm going to end up buying several more! This would have been easier back in the day, but oh well.

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