Friday, December 5, 2014

Iceboard Robin

Iceboard Robin

AKA Reverse Nightwing AKA just Nightwing with a cape, this is as close as you'll get to getting a screen accurate Robin in this line. Why couldn't they just do a darker suit? Is it because these figures get ordered before final changes are made to the damn movie? Probably. Still, this is an AWESOME figure.

The colors are a lot darker in person so worry not, true believers. The cape is rubber and it has that dumb two peg system thing that pervades this line.

The weapons are very cool. The missile from the button friction launcher attaches to the other end of the grabber staff, which is wrist mounted and rotates 360 degrees. The button on the launcher has an extension that is awfully laser like! Very cool! The snowboard is cool, too.

I like this sculpt because it's a neutrally posed sculpt. He's not stiff as Hover attack Batman. It's got some personality. The colors, while inaccurate are rather nice, as well as the accessories. This is a must have for this line. You could just paint the blue parts black and there you go! Accurate B&R Robin.

Ready to go Freeze?

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