Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ice Blast Mr. Freeze

Ice Blast Mr. Freeze

,br This line had a lot of variants, but they also gave us plenty of Mr. Freeze Variants and one Poison Ivy variant. If anything, that's probably the best thing about this line, giving us all these villains, or even if they were just variants of one villain. This wave 1 figure is really cool!

Molded in clear blue plastic and full of intricate details, Freeze here comes with an arsenal of tools. His body has several holes where the thrusters can peg on to, and has a giant Freeze gun that extends into a frost like effect, or into a melee weapon.

Lifting the rockets will cause a flame effect to drop, which is pretty dang cool!

Thrusters can be placed on shoulders. It's awkward because they aren't on his back, but on the shoulders. Wouldn't this heat him up especially while wearing such light plastic armor? Space age stuff I suppose!

Pushing the lance forward will cause the freezy-air blast to come out. You can spin around the rod and create a freeze effect as the freezy bits are soft. I think this figure was meant to be a precursor to what Mr. Freeze was going to look like in the end. Definitely worth the pickup.


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