Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Glacier Battle Robin

Glacier Battle Robin

Now this is a wacky roadster full of surpri...wrong toy. This is a very cool equipped with a vehicle that's not quite a vehicle as we shall soon see.

The sled can fire a missile and figure can stand or sit down.

The back part of the sled actually extends and has a second cushion for another figure to sit on! It doesn't work all that well, but it's a nifty feature! Under the sled there's a ski that moves side to side for facing carpet bumps or snow. The wheels on the back part are fake, but do rotate 360 degrees around for traction or ski mode.

The figure is interesting because it's the only figure with a cloth cape in this line. The cloth cape is also unique because it does not attach to the figure's neck but to his back via two pegs. The figure also has some very cool sculpting right down to the ninja boots!

This is one of my favorite toys from the line. This concludes all main line Robins. All that's missing are the two packs, and our next entry: Batgiiiirl!

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