Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Cold Knight in Gotham City

A Cold Knight in Gotham City

My favorite Two-Pack. I wish they had included Batgirl instead, but whatever. We get a cool Batman variant anyways.

Freeze is a shiny repaint of the "Mr. Freeze" mold. Go see the review for that. I'll just say this: I LOVE THE CHROME ON THIS FIGURE! And the smaller gun, too! My favorite Freeze from this line. As for Batman, this is one odd figure. He has a chrome chest-plate, and best of all...FREEZE EFFECTS! I've never played the Cold, Cold Heart Arkham Origins part, but I saw the whole movie so we might as well draw comparisons. Batman's Snow Suit is kind of cool, heading in a weird Nightwing phase...but it's the pose that kills him. It's kind of hard to stand him up. He falls over a lot. But it's still a cool costume. Better than all the variants in the line. The freeze effects are the coolest part though! We'd never see a frozen Batman again 'till Mattel's The Batman line! More on that later!

This was rare when I bought it... Don't know how rare it is now, but it's definitely my favorite two-pack. Then there's the next review...which I shall post...eventually! I hope you've enjoyed this trio of two-packs!

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