Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Night Hunter Robin vs Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy

Night Hunter Robin vs Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy

I rather like this duo! Their cat and mouse game throughout the movie divided the Bat-family, but we know Robin was just going through a phase, and definitely on drugs. Now before we start, I'll mention that while I have no package pics, there was a variant in cardboard inserts. The more common variation featured a lazy picture of both figures, but the rarer version featured a nice painting of both figures duking it out. I REALLY like how the art came out. I actually had the rarer one, but the cardboard insert has been lost to the sands of time. Bummer. Pics are out there, so look 'em up. Poison Ivy looks very New 52 in that!

Ok. Robin: He's cool, nice pose, cool weapon, nice shiny red. I had never seen shiny red before like this, did we? Whatever. It's a nice figure. Poison Ivy on the other hand is my FAVORITE IVY FIGURE EVER. She has always been my favorite Ivy! I can't tell you enough why she's so awesome! She's got an awesome claw hand, she has transparent pieces and full body suit! Obviously, she never wore this in the movie, but she's so much better than the other Ivy figure... And she was so modern! Very nice.

Should you ever get this, please do it for Ivy! She's my favorite Ivy ever produced! And who doesn't love Poison Ivy? Who doesn't love Uma Thurman? Is she going to KILL FREEZE? This figure sure as hell looks like it. Hire Emotionally Torn Bane, give him some more drugs and they might just stand a chance. (and then kill Batman and Robin)

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