Friday, December 19, 2014

Jet Wing Mr. Freeze

Jet Wing Mr. Freeze

Another cool scene specific figure, Jet Wing Mr. Freeze is the hardest or more expensive figure in the line. It cost me an arm and a leg to acquire it, so you're lucky to see it both MIB and outside of the box!

This figure is actually rather simple. There's nothing much to it except for the wings and blaster. The wings are actually drilled on to the figure so you can't really remove it, but at least you can put them in non flight mode.

Another remold from the Mr. Freeze figure, this one also features googles. The ice blaster does not fire anything, which is kind of lame, but it's very cool to have a scene specific movie that also manages to be accurate. I also really like the deco on this figure.

Based on the infamous surf's up scene from B&R when Freeze jumps out of the rocket followed by Batman and Robin, this figure isn't one to be missed, especially if you're a completist. I think it's one of the better additions in the line.

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