Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wing Blast Robin

Wing Blast Robin

More like Pajama Robin. The color choices are TERRIBLE. It's still a pretty cool figure. Deluxe, too.

Closing the wings will form a shield. Pushing the button will make the wings flip out in a very violent manner! It's kind of scary actually!

He comes with a blade weapon that can be stored on the backpack. The launcher however is kind of annoying. It can be placed at different angles, but each time you move it it pops out so you have to clip it on again. The missile is friction pin like most figures in this line. It can be tucked inside the backpack so it's kind of cool even if it doesn't work as it can be held out on shield mode for extra defense or stay in.

Even though the colors suck, I still think it's a very cool figure. I mean yeah he's basically in Pajamas, but... It's a cool sculpt. It's different. The open palm hand thing is unfortunate as he can only hold stuff on one hand. What's he gonna do with the other? Slap your face, of course!

I think he's had too much Ambien.

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