Friday, December 5, 2014

Razor Skate Robin

Razor Skate Robin

Let me start by stating for the record that most of the Robin figures in this line are very nice...except for one. But no, this is not it. This is a very nice figure, actually. Originally sold with the armor on, this figure often confused me on whether they would ever sell a Robin that could be Dick Grayson on this line.

Seriously, nobody dresses like that. Still. New sculpt! I love new sculpts. This is a nice sculpt. The Chris o Donnell head is even better than the one done before. He looks driven and angry!

The armor is very simple. A visor, chestplate with cape and two boots with skates. They are all red, and no gauntlets since the figure already has long arm gloves. Hehehe. The weapon is pretty cool though. It's got sharp edges, it acts as a chopper and it fires both missiles via friction. Super hard to fire FYI. Still, it cuffs around the figure's wrist and it rotates 360 degrees. Nicest B&R weapon around in my opinion.

As you cans see, Dick is taller than Bruce, but in armor mode, Batman is taller than Robin. Hmm. Intriguing, most intriguing. Very nice figures, both of them. Robin is harder to find than Batman in most cases when it comes to this line.

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