Friday, December 5, 2014

Sky Assault Batman

Sky Assault Batman

This hard to find figure isn't just a repaint. It's a bit of a retool.

Aside from the obvious color differences, I noticed some odd things about this figure...

The hoverboard has two extra peg holes where the blades can be stored! This is SO MUCH BETTER than Hover Attack Batman!

It's an overall nice figure. Gold always looks good with any figure. It's an interesting color palette. But then I realized something else about this figure...

It's not Hover Attack Batman! Then which mold is it?

Just another Heat Scan Batman. This means that the Hover Attack Batman mold is completely unique and has no repaints. The Kodak exclusive Batman is also a repaint of Heat Scan Batman. So if you acquire Hover Attack Batman, you're a lucky one! This is the final B&R Batman figure except for Wayne, the flying one and the figures in the two pack which shall be reviewed later. Now we transition!

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