Monday, December 8, 2014

Attack Wing Robin

Attack Wing Robin

Off with the lame, on with the cool. This Robin is a pretty fun dynamic figure featuring a cool sculpt and cool weapons to play around with.

I really love the cyber-organic look the figure has. That awesome helmet really gives the figure character. The tubes are really soft and they are detachable. The strange thing is...why is the missile at the bottom of the wing suit?

Both sides of the wing suit have pegs he can handle to fire that friction missile. A bit improvable and clumsy but whatever. Why do the wings have handles though?

The wings are not removable (or rather I don't want to find out), but he can use them as melee weapons of shields. A bit clumsy, too.

The helmet can be stored in the back. It has a hole which attaches to the peg on the back of the wingsuit. Pretty cool.

That is a much better melee weapon! I think this is a cool figure, odd, but cool. It's very aesthetically pleasing and interesting. I highly recommend it. It works very well as a Nightwing figure.

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