Monday, December 1, 2014

Battle Board Batman

Battle Board Batman

Triple 'B here is my favorite figure from this line. Well, he's not my FAVORITE, but he's one of my favorite soldiers. I would like to make a confession. I play with my toys. Whenever I have to assemble a team together, this one's first in line. Why? He's got a nice neutral pose and all varieties of weapons.

I like this figure because he's not as stiff as the others, and he retains some personality. The cape has movable wings, and the ionic blaster is kind of cool looking in my opinion. The ionic plaster can be posted in the peg holes on the cape.

Just like that.

The wings can also be turned into a sled, which is capable of several different configurations!

All in all, a nice, fun figure. Hard to find according to my latest research. Comes with a ring.

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