Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jungle Venom Poison Ivy

Jungle Venom Poison Ivy

I really wish this Poison Ivy was more than just a generic sexy female villains and looked more like Uma Thurman did on film with the famous hair cones...or at least with the red and black leather outfit from the final battle. This figure was done early one and likely the first figure sculpted for the line as reported by the souvenir magazine by Topps back in the day... Still, it's not a bad figure.

If anything, this is a very modern Poison Ivy. Full on green suit and so forth. Maybe if her flesh tone was grey or milky white THEN we'd have a better Poison Ivy. The version from the two-pack as we shall see is better, but this is still a dynamic femme fatale with some awesome accessories. Ok fine, the top heavy water squirter sucks, but the vines are very nice and highly usable on enemy forces.

She has nice details, like sculpted vines running up her suit, and so forth... maybe my issue is with her hair. B&R had a very flamboyant Ivy who had a thing for putting up her hair in a space opera fashion that is emulated by Poison Ivy cosplayers around the world... Why didn't this figure feature that?! Why didn't we get as many variants as Freeze did? I would have totally gone for a Gorilla Ivy...

I say skip this figure and go for the one in the shiny Robin two-pack. This figure was a shelfwarmer, and it can be found very cheaply around the web. My theory is that if they had done a BETTER figure in terms of movie accuracy, then she'd be more interesting. As you shall see, the one from the two pack is an extremely modern figure reminiscent of the New 52 way she is being drawn.

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