Sunday, December 21, 2014



Bane's portrayal as Ivy's bodyguard by the late Jeep Swenson was hated by most, since Bane is an intelligent, powerful adversary to Batman, but the figure does the character a ton of justice, as it looks more like the comic book version than the version portrayed on film. If you need a 4.5 in. tall Bane, this is it, and he's surprisingly common and cheap!

A beautifully sculpted figure, this is THE Bane everyone had been waiting for prior to 1997. But due to the film making Bane into a mere afterthought, this was found and pirated EVERYWHERE.

He comes with a punching glove and a swing axe, and of course, his venom tube, which is removable. Very nice for such a strong arm. That makes him extremely dangerous.

I highly recommend this figure. If there was one figure I'd have to recommend from this line, this Bane would be it. It's one of the best Bane figures ever produced! B&R did it! I don't know why y'all have to hate this movie and the toyline. They gave us one of the best Banes ever! I mean, I don't think I know how to improve this figure, to be honest. It's better than the BTAS version since the action feature severely cripples that figure. Heck, I even expected some sort of swinging arm or something on this figure. Nothing! It's the best Bane in that scale.

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