Saturday, November 1, 2014

Street Biker Robin

Street Biker Robin

Looks like Dick joined a street gang! And he's full of accessories! One of my favorite figures from the line, this quintessentially 90's bad boy is ready to rock!

This corny yet accurate figure was a shelfwarmer back in the day. I wonder why? He's the best Robin from the whole series! Well except for the fact that he's not Robin, he's just Dick. His bags fire two missiles that form A TRAPEZE! Not only are the accessories relatable to the figure, but to the character as well! Who needs a missile launcher when you have a launching trapeze from your leather bags?

He can hang from the trapeze, do tricks, amuse some other bad buys and gals, relive the tragic deaths of his parents thanks to Two-Face, I dunno.

He also comes with a nicely sculpted staff with a chain mail wrapped on one end and a scary looking knife on the other. Dick's not fu*king around yo.

"Yo kid, gimme your lunch money"

Holy street gang, Batman! Why go undercover when he can just disguise himself as plain old Dick, taking away lunch money, jamming out to Nirvana, hangin' in da hood and secretly moping around 'coz Two-Face isn't dead while watching 90210? Just plain Dick, guys. Maybe he'll get his sh!t together and go fight crime at some point, right? RIGHT? I mean, he's even got a nicee lowrider! (Sold Separately)

"Yeah baby mama!"

We'll be looking at the bike in coming days, but first: Watch Dick get his sh!t together in the next episode!

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