Saturday, November 22, 2014

Microman Batman Begins

Hey folks! Sorry for the absence! School, senate, sales. Triple S threat! Today I bring you quite a treat! Guest reviewer Rob_charb brings us the super rare Microman Batman Begins Batman! Microman Batmen will not be ignored on this blog! They are awesome, but speaking from personal experience, they are not without flaws and QC issues. Rob_charb will walk us through a hard to find and expensive figure I myself hope to have someday. Take it away, The Charb!

I first came across this figure in a Japanese hobby/toy magazine years ago. I had no idea what it was, as the article was in Japanese, but damned if I didn’t want it. I made note of the release date (that much, at least, I understood) and put it in the back of my mind. Fast forward to when it was supposed to come out and I started the hunt. After a few weeks, I came across one at last and my first reaction was “Damn, this is tiny!” I had had no previous experience with the Microman line before, but as the figure was only about $12, I figured what the hell.

Right out of the package, I was blown away by the number of goodies he came with. A batarang, folded batarang, sticky bomb, unarmed sticky bomb, communicator with a holder, and of course all those hands! There are five hands for each arm, all of them serving a different purpose. The most impressive “accessory” though was the cape. That thing is huge! It’s about twice the size of Batman himself!

On the back of Batman, there are two holes in his utility belt to hold some gadgets. Both sticky bombs can put in, the communicator’s holder or the folded batarang. Sadly, the one major accessory he is missing is the grapnel gun.

Poseability is pretty great, and the cape just lends itself to action poses even more, thanks to a wire running the length of the edge. The down side is the wire has a nasty habit of poking through the top of the cape.

The figure itself has the same poseability of a typical Marvel Legends figure. The shoulders have a tendency to pop off due to the cup for the ball being quite shallow, but they pop back on easily enough.

The hands are really easy to swap out; just pull one out and stick the other into the hole. The hands are, well, quite gigantic in relation to his body. The fists are okay, but the holding hands and open hands look huge.

The likeness to Christian Bale is, sadly, not that great. I guess if you squint real hard, it could pass, but to me it just looks to cartoony. At the end of the day though, it’s a great figure. The articulation is especially great when you consider the size of the figure. There are definite flaws; the size of the hands and somewhat the feet, the constant popping off of the shoulders; but overall, I really like the figure and would definitely recommend tracking one down if you want a highly articulated Batman Begins figure at a near-GI Joe scale. There was also a Ra’s Ah Ghul based on Ken Watanbe, but sadly I never picked one up.

And that's that! first guest review! Wheee!!! Thanks to Rob Charb! Now we move forward from serious to camp with Batman & Robin!

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