Friday, November 14, 2014

Electronic Batmobile

Electronic Batmobile

I apologize in advance. The Batmobile is VERY dusty and kind of faded. It's a lot darker than it looks, but never entirely black. This vehicle is an absolute Kenner Masterpiece. It's my favorite Batmobile toy and I'm very lucky to have it.

This masterpiece is amazingly and lovingly detailed, and highly movie accurate, if not a bit more stylized. It is electronic, but unfortunately mine is broken inside. I am selling one that's in wayyy better shape and does work, so maybe sometime I'll take a picture of that. The spoilers can split in half like in the movie, which is cool.

The button on the back activates the cool blue light on the chassis.

The side spoilers pop up to reveal mini missile launchers. Very cool.

As you can see, the Batmobile is parked on the Batcave's rotating chamber which was designed for just this.

The chasis interior and cockpit interior are made of clear plastic so it all lights up when the lights are on. Again, remind me to take pictures of this with my other Batmobile. Most figures fit, but boy it's a tight fit.

The front houses a very large missile that is activated by pressing the button on top.

You'd be silly not to own this, so I have one available here: which works but needs new batteries. This vehicle is an absolute masterpiece and I have nothing but fond memories from it. I bought it in that New York Trip 18 years ago with the Triumvirate (Neon Armor, Batarang and Ice Blade Batman) as well as Guardians of Gotham City two pack. It was a memorable trip, so this is a very important relic for me. If anything, this Batmobile actually is never parked on the Batcave, but up on the Batman Forever shelf as you shall soon see. Next up is our final Batman Forever review (whew!), featuring the Legendary Batcave playset.

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