Friday, November 7, 2014

Transforming Dick Grayson/Robin

Transforming Dick Grayson/Robin

DIIICK! Chris O' Donnell is my favorite movie only movie Robin we've gotten. Whatever. This awesome figure is more complex than you think.

At the same time, nobody dressed like THIS in the 90's. Maybe in the 80's, but if anything this transforming Dick looks just like Robin, just without certain elements...

Are these the elements you're looking for? Wait there's three more left...

Bird shields and a mask? *makes enemy pass out quickly*. This is one nice Robin. Suit construction is complicated and scary as dark red plastic breaks easily, and the cape goes over two grooves of the chest plate. My old figure also had an easily chipped chest plate paint come off at an early stage. My original figure's belt also broke. Luckily there's this. Oh, also...

There is a golden cape variant! If you haven't figured it out, Dickie here has a secret. He's both Dick and Robin, but he wouldn't be able to ease the transition without cold water. Dip his head in icy water and his head suddenly develops a very dark domino mask. Very nice, but most figures are broken due to our crazy seasons. I have three of these, and two of them are essentially broken. I don't understand the science behind temperature color change toy features yes, but this was my first exposure. We'll talk about this later some more. OH and btw, the last picture has Triple Strike Robin's blue cape. They are essentially the same mold.

The similarities are uncanny!

Great Robin! It's a nice figure, very fun, but very fragile.

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