Saturday, January 10, 2015

Iceglow Bathammer

Iceglow Bathammer

Because just "Bathammer" isn't enough, it had be be the "Iceglow Bathammer". WTF is an Iceglow? Is that like those ice cubes with LED's inside of them? Mr. Freeze's mouth? Whatever. This Bat-monstruosity has everything: lights, missiles, wheels, etc. It's really a cool toy, put in the movie for this sole purpose. I like to think of it as an upgrade to the Bat-skiboat.

With a Wingspan to rival the biggest Batplanes ever made, this winged sled is super mega heavy and it uses the biggest batteries ever if it wasn't enough. It's quite detailed, too.

As with every ski type vehicle, this thing has wheels. The back wheel has a rubber tire that activates the light flashing mechanism. It has three modes: Off, flashing light and permanent light. When it rolls, when it's on flashing mode the light goes on and off as it rolls across the ground.

The missile pods are removable. Missiles are made of clear plastic so be very careful with them. They are also surprisingly long, which makes them kind of heavy so they don't fire long range.

It's hard to see, but that's what it looks like with the lights on. They flash through the clear orange panels and the read thruster also reflects the light. Personally I wish the wing panels also lit up like they do in the movie.

The large seating area has plenty of stickers and control panels. Any Batman sits comfortably as long as plastic capes are removed.

The nicest ship on the fleet, this ice breaker has all it needs to combat Freeze and his Hockey Team from hell. I wish it had movable wings though, so that they formed a shield like they do in the movie...But anyways. Freeze has frozen the city and we got 11 minutes to apprehend him and capture his entourage...It's all we can do since 11 minutes isn't enough time to show off some nice vehicles, fight Freeze and defrost the city.

Speed off into justice! Ooh, let's take the shortcut!

You know, by the time it took them to put on those costumes and acquire these vehicles, let alone drive from the outskirts of Gotham, which is...say...6 miles away, everyone in Gotham City is probably dead by now.

Oh no! This shortcut sucked! But I'll catch you! You can just...ride on the side.

We've arrived 30 minutes after the city was Frozen. Let it gooo...let it goooo!

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