Tuesday, January 6, 2015



This vehicle is a bad representation for that weird everglades ice fan vehicle used in B&R. It's longer and unnecessarily large. But by no means it's a bad toy. It's just not accurate. But hey, at least Robin gets a large vehicle!

This is a glorified, jet AND air turbine powered snowmobile. Nothing more. I don't think anything like this exists anyways, right? Clad in icy silver, it's still a fun toy, but it's...it's not something I'd drive around in a frozen river to get over to Mr. Freeze's palace. Too large, too noticeable and ultimately useless. But fast, you bet!

The vehicle is nicely detailed though. It's got jet skis and faux treads with a wheel in the middle that allows the vehicle to move around.

The wings pivot up and down, but I have no idea who they would protect. They only protect the engine...And the main gimmick is the huge spinning wheel that is activated via a button on the back. Wheee! I always hated these, not to mention that they tend to rot toys's springs.

Ever so more detailed than the Dumbmobile, the cockpit's seat has some detail, and the obligatory control panel sticker. It's interesting to note that the maker's information is inside of the cockpit this time around...I'd never seen that before.

The wings are detachable! Surprise surprise!

Figures can stand on the wings via pegs and slide around...Wings still pivot up and down, and this time around they protect the user from any side attacks! It still looks kinda clumsy. Why would you ever use jet turbine powered wing ski's? We need to turn this into an Olympic sport.

Despite Batman being pictured as the driver, the symbol here lets you know that the real user is meant to be Robin!

I'll be honest with you. This is a clunky vehicle. They could have totally sold something smaller and better. This feels like a weird update to the BatSkiBoat...and so does the Bathammer, which we will look at next. I actually have the box for this, and someday I'll post pictures of said box. With all that being said, um... enjoy the pictures? It's a rare find these days so good luck tracking it down. Some people speculate on it and sell it for over $100... Only a desperate collector would shell out that much.

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