Monday, January 5, 2015

Guardians of Gotham City

Guardians of Gotham City

The best duo in the series is a repaint of the Batman and Robin lot from the Challengers of the Night lot, but both come in movie accurate ice decos. Too bad Batgirl isn't included, and the one that came with the bike isn't a suitable replacement. But it could be worse, right? At least we finally get something else accurate. Also, I kept this pack MIB for a long time, and opened it just for you guys, so don't say I don't do nice things for you!

*sigh* No big loss, I'm not a MIB collector anyways and I wanted to open these for a really long time.

Not THAT accurate, if anything they look like unfinished concepts. They are also missing the bat-nipples. Could be worse. They are pretty nice up close, and very shiny! I love chromed up figures.

I love the base. It's shiny too. Shame it's gonna get all dusty now.

Enjoy the comparisons! I really don't have much to say except that they look better in black and silver.

Now for an observation. If action figures came with movie accurate weapons all the time, wouldn't life be better?

Well, that's that. A nice duo. I'm actually SELLING another MIB on ebay here: hopefully someone will be interested. I think that if you're gonna own figures from this line make it these two, either the Cold Knight in Gotham's Shiny Freeze or the normal one, and the Ivy from the Evil Entrapment pack. And a Batgirl if you really must. Now we shall look at vehicles! We're almost through B&R guys!

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