Monday, January 5, 2015

Robin's Redbird Cycle

Robin's Redbird Cycle

I love it how this line produced a ton of vehicles, but they could always have come out better. This bike is a cool toy with plenty of fun features.

It's a very faithful representation of the movie's Redbird, but it has its share of problems...

THIS is the main problem. The figure doesn't "ride" the bike. It doesn't even have a screen, so Robin doesn't really have a clue wtf he's doing. If only the bike had been somewhat smaller and if they had produced a new mold for Robin instead of reusing the Glacier Battle Robin mold, this may have been better. We need a Robin that can sit on a bike, not ride it like this. But whatever, could have been worse. If you need a good Robin cycle, please look at the Robin's Street Bike, which I have reviewed somewhere in this blog. Anyways, features: Those rear things open up and are used to tripping up bad guys, which is a nice feature that reminds me of those wing things the Batmobile had in Batman Returns used to trip those clowns with the walking sticks.

The bike fires a large Robin shaped missile that fires quite far for such a heavy missile.

The tires have molded Robin symbols on them and are rubberized, which is nice.

The lid on the bottom opens up to a thruster that allows the bike to access higher levels or escape sticky situations.

Robin is a rehash of Glacier Battle Robin, but if you look at their back, they have a different cape clipping mechanism. Why did they do this instead of just repainting the figure straight? What's up with the running change? Were there variations of Glacier Battle Robin or did they do this because GBR's cape is annoying? The new clipping mechanism is easier to clip on the back. I would have preferred it if they had AT LEAST used red on Robin's emblem since the dark blue matches the accurate outfit. Nothing but strange decisions going on in this line.

Still both Batmobile and Redbird Cycle looks great together, don't they? Maybe the bike is a bit too blue for my taste, but what are you gonna do? Next up: The Batmobile!

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