Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tailwhip Killer Croc

Tailwhip Killer Croc

Part human, part reptile, Killer Croc is one of Batman’s fiercest foes. Once the leading force behind Gotham City’ top mob, he is now a savage, animalistic beast bent on destruction. Only Batman’s crimefighting team of Knight Force Ninjas stands in his way!

The best Killer Croc of its era and my personal favorite of all time, this is the Killer Croc that began that whole "devolution" of the character. This figure is why we often see him in different forms done by different artists. Sometimes he's got a tail, sometimes he doesn't.

This figure is large, raw and scary! Pressing the button on the side will cause his waist to rotate delivering a powerful tailwhip! He is certainly a formidable foe!

He's got ball jointed shoulders, elbows, hips, waist, neck and lower jaw! Probably the best thing about this figure is the articulated jaw. That was pretty nice. He also comes with a clawed glove and a skull clip.

"I'mma finish you nice an' slow!"

"You'll never eat Robin!"

One of two villains in this line, this is the only one worth it.

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