Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Night Hunter Batman

Night Hunter Batman

What a confusing figure! Is that a glider? A shield? an excavating machine? And what's with the googles? Stay tuned and we shall discover this mystery of the Batcave! Dun dun duunnn!

It's about asking the right questions. Question 1: Why is this not a deluxe figure? I don't know since he has so much stuff going on like pop up goggles, a huge shield with arms that can also be used as a glider, I really don't know. I think the idea is cool, the colors are cool, the accessory is HUGE, but cool. But it is confusing. It's clear in color because it's some sort of cloaking anti-bullet shield. The smoky clear colored makes it harder for a yellow colored Batman to move around in the shadows with a huge piece of equipment... The arms make it even less conspicuous. Is he going up against invisible bad guys? And the night vision goggles? How is this stealthy? What a mess of a confusing figure. I'm not saying it's not cool though. I mean imagine he's excavating for some dude's corpse in a dark swamp when Killer Croc shows up and he knocks him out in one swift mechanical swipe. Plausible, right? Yeah, right.

I think all Batman Forever figures have interesting sculpts and this figure is no doubt one of the nicest ones. Like most figures on the line he's got a built in body feature and that's his night vision googles. Pushing the button on his lower back will trigger the googles to move into eye position, but they never look quite level with one another. Kind of annoying if you ask me. The cape is molded in such a way that you can reach the button with ease. This figure has a lot of ground area so be wary of this when attempting to display.

He can use the excavator/shield as a glider! It looks very awkward. Also see those handles on the back of the accessory? He's supposed to hold them, but it's very hard to hold on to those while clipped on t the shield.

Boy is this line full of confusing odd figures. This was the beginning of variant hell, which we continue to see today albeit at a much smaller scale. We were already in variant hell before but this is when it got out of control since Legends of Batman at least had plausible figures. But it doesn't matter this is a cool figure and maybe this is just my cynical almost 4am voice talking. I like all the choices this figure gives. Playability is 11/10 in my opinion despite his interesting pose, his oversized accessory and so forth. I'm definitely a fan of this line because of all the craziness that's going on.

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