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As a zoologist and genetic researcher Kurt Langstrom was at the height of his profession. His major research was on the sensory operations of bats. Hoping to improve his own senses he tested an experimental serum comprised of bat genetic material on himself. The result was horrifying: Dr. Langstrom became a giant beast - half man, half bat! Now his savage rage drives him to commit unspeakable acts of crime. Man-Bat will stop at nothing to destroy his nemesis, the Batman!

Never been a fan of the character. Is he a hero? anti-hero? villain? All three? Is there more than one?

Not my favorite, but unarguably the best figure of this line, this Man Bat is probably the best figure Kenner ever produced, and I'm saying this with the absolutest open mind you could get granted my history with Kenner Batman figures and others.

As I write this review I was watching the Beware the Batman episode featuring Manbat, and liking that version best, even better than the BTAS Manbat episode. Either way this figure is absolutely flawless. This is the best Manbat figure ever, and even better than the highly articulated DCU Mattel version. This is as good as we got back in '98 and boy does it deliver. I love the torn short and pants effect, even with a cearly printed Dr. Langstrom keycard still attached to his shirt! WOW! He's full of detail. This is an absolutely amazing sculpt. He's got posed legs, but highly articulated wings that are up to 36 in. in wingspan. Absolutely amazing. I wish his arms were spread more in a wing like pose, but he can cover the wrapped up bat routine flawlessly.

It's not only scary and McFarlane-esque, but also highly playable, poseable and completely amazing for its time. But the sculpt, the colors...This figure is, like I said earlier, the best Kenner gave us before their rebirth into Hasbro.

"Humanity! hearing! God! Why have you forsaken me? Am I to live as a Bat from now on?! And don't we have a BAT IN THIS CITY ALREADY? Fine. I'll take that Bat down, and be top bat!"

I've never really understood Dr. Kirk Langstrom as he's had various origin stories throughout time. Deaf guy? Zoologist? geneticist? Batman rival? Wannabe crime kingpin? Demon head's assistant? Hero, anti-hero or villain? It's really a mixed bag of stories. I have the BTAS Manbat which has a flapping wing action and will be reviewed eventually, as well as the Mattel brown version, and the DCU Secret Files Manbat which is an absolutely awful figure IMHO. Oh, I also have The Batman's Manbat which is a great figure, but none of them are as good as this one. If those who sculpted this are reading, well done. I appreciate your art and your dedication to this particular character in this particular line.

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