Friday, October 3, 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents fall victim to a senseless criminal act. From that day on, he directed all his efforts towards the eradication of crime and the vindication of his parents' deaths. Bruce studied criminology and perfected his fighting skills until they became hyper-developed. By day he is the wealthy, jet-setting philanthropist Bruce Wayne - but by night he becomes The Batman! Often mislabeled as a vigilante, Batman strikes at the rampant crime and lawlessness infesting Gotham City. He relies on impressive deductive powers, sheer physical speed, and high-tech crime fighting gear to capture Gotham City's most vile criminal element. Obsessed with his mission, The Dark Knight can never truly rest

He can never truly rest in this totally awake Batman painting. Holy smokes, the ultimate Batman of its era.

This is the quintessential 90's Batman: Scary, muscular, batty. The cape was his mantra (look up the word on the dictionary), and he was as dangerous as ever. There is a darker grey/black repaint that is just as scary. I seek to having this eventually, but for now this is all you get. The cape is a 3- piece shenanigan thing because he won't fit in the packaging with all three parts combined. I think Bat-arang can be removed but I never tried. This is THE scary Batman of the mid 90's. Screw Azrael, Screw Bane. Batman is going back to his roots: becoming a scary guy who scare kids and bad guys. Well maybe just bad guys.

I meant to say 4 parts. Plus Batarang. I try not to go near this figure too much hehe...

The ultimate Batman figure back in '97-'98...Umm...surprisingly enough I really don't have much to say about it. It's an amazing figure though, and can be found cheaply if you know where to look. The color wash is amazing, the colors are great, the expression totally 90's. Amazing.

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