Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wing Blast Batman

Wing Blast Batman

Yet another unique figure, this silvery-blue guardian of the skies is a very distinguished figure in the line as the dull silver makes it stand out from other figures loud and clear.

Probably one of the better figures in this line, this figure's gimmock is obviously its flightpack. One could say it's a rehash of Future Batman from LoB. Lower the wings, push the button and the "sudden alert bio-wings" pop back up quickly.

The gun doesn't do anything which is a letdown. In fact, just wtf is that supposed to be anyways? A giant sewing needle? A focused laser rifle? Whatever it is he can only hold it in his right hand. Another thing to note about this figure is its scoliosis. And he's also taller than the rest of the figures in the line by a few millimeters.

I think this is a fantastic mold none the less. This figure has a repaint in the Batman & Robin line with a George Clooney chin, and I will review that eventually.

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