Sunday, October 26, 2014

Solar Shield Batman

Solar Shield Batman

Another weird figure from a weird line. It uses the same mold as Night Flight Batman but with...a slight mod to it.

Initially I thought this was a Deluxe Batman, but it's not. It's just one weird Batman. Batman works at night so why the hell would he need a solar shield thingy? I mean this isn't exactly a flight cape. It can be used for posing in different ways though!

The cape's bottom has hinges that attach to the figure's ankles. The tubes on the back allow the cape to move in all sorts of angles, covering the figure completely up from uh...the sun? gunfire? Or opening it up for flight, etc. A million choices here especially when the ankle attachments are taken off. But really, wtf is up with this figure? The gun, a crossbow is also useless and guess what? He can only wield it on his right hand. Who knew?

The tubes on the back can move 360 degrees. They serve as attachments for the cape thing. Rotate them down and they'll be useless. They're only useful if they're up. The thing about this figure is the costume accuracy and the colors. The colors are nice. But even when I was a kid I thought this RARE figure was weird.

He's the same mold as Night Flight Batman and the next figure to be reviewed. Night Flight Batman's back has a seemingly corrected hole. Is it related to this change? Which came first? The egg or the bird? Either way, weird figure, harder to find than the rest, but again, this is the right sonar suit costume. Next up is the final accurate sonar suit figure: Power Beacon Batman. Good night!

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