Sunday, October 12, 2014

Arsenal Cape Batman

Arsenal Cape Batman

Challenged by an extremist band of street fighters, Batman’s endurance is severely tested. In answer to onslaught, the Dark Knight develops his most amazing device yet: the Arsenal Cape. Within this protective mantle is hidden an entire assortment of weaponry. With Batman’s element of surprise more intensified, the villains of Gotham City better run and hide!

This is gonna be quick review. This is the least articulated figure of the line, and while he has an awesome gimmick and tons of weapons, the colors really don't favor the figure AT ALL.

That doesn't mean it's not cool.

Ta-daaaa! Pushing the lever on its back will make his cape pop out revealing a ton of ninja weapons! Some are molded in i.e. fake, but he can hold four of these.

Two of them are sword, the other two are a sai blade and fourth weapon whose name I don't know.

Not my favorite figure, but that is because of its colors. The figure also feels kind of cheap and the mold is kind of lame, but the cape is cool. I think it could have been better. Oh, and the head moves up and down when the lever is pushed.

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