Sunday, October 5, 2014

Power Kick Batman

Knight Force Ninjas

Before I get into the review let me say a few things about KFN. Making their first appearance in 1998, this line featured all new sculpts that were highly articulated (in some cases) figures featuring some sort of karate action move. Personally despite how colorful they are, they are my highest rated figures in the playability scale. Not only do they possess articulation but tons of weapons with several modes of play! This line also gave us the first Killer Croc with a tail! Their packages featured a cool little scene on the back and an intro. Also on the front of the package, the forward cardboard insert with the figure's name had a lenticular card showcasing the figure's action moves, though by series 2 they had abandoned this presumably to cut costs. Oh yeah, and first Azrael that wasn't dressed up like Batman, that too was accomplished. All the sculpts are very muscular and each figure is 6 inches tall which is outside of the norm during the 90's. Only LoTDK had 6 inch figures through this decade. Well sit back and freshen up on your martial arts moves!

Power Kick Batman

An evil underworld of street fighters is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. Sharpening his already amazing martial arts skills, Batman recruits a handful of heroic allies to combat this criminal crew. Together they become Knight Force Ninjas, the most powerful crimefighting force ever known!

This figure is probably the closest to the Batman costume that you'll get in this line. Well, this and Knight Blade Batman. He's got a grey outfit with black boots, gauntlets and cowl. The belt and bat symbol have red, as well as the interior of the cape.

Series 1 of the figures also feature battle damage and tattered outfits and this figure is no exception.

This figure comes with a missile launcher that he can hold or just kick around when in tread mode, a shield, a red kicking boot and a red face protector. The weapon is one of those friction missiles, which I hate but for some reason this particular one is not difficult to fire and the missile actually fires for a long distance.

He also comes with a dagger that attaches to the side of the leg. At first I was unsure if it was removable but alas it was.

This is the most articulated figure in the line second to Robin featuring ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, hips, knees and neck. When the waist is turned to the side he sets off a furious kick. The gimmick however is the figure's weakness as the right leg hangs loosely so he's sort of difficult to stand up, though not as hard as Martial Arts Robin from the Batman Forever line which will be reviewed later on. If anything, the feature is sort of fixed here.

I think this is a really cool figure and it's not that hard to find.

Justice, Bruce Lee style.

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